Artificial Grass (fake turf) Installation in Newbury, Berkshire

At Totem Landscaping we are experts at installing artificial grass and pride ourselves on meticulous surface preparation to ensure longevity and a great appearance. It’s a great alternative to real turf and a perfect option for children’s play areas.

Artificial grass gives you a perfect looking garden all year round and is maintenance free, not only that but it’s pet friendly too. It has a number of uses from patios and balconies to full lawn replacement. There are a range of products to choose from with varying piles and colours so we can tailor it to your exact needs.

Artificial grass is also a great solution to issues you may be having with drainage. We remove all of the existing turf and lay a new sub-base of type 1 aggregate. We then apply a fine layer of granite dust to ensure it’s completely level. The grass we use is permeable so excess water drains through into the aggregate and then into the soil.

Frequently asked questions

Gone are the days when the only artificial grass available was the astro turf you saw on football pitches and playgrounds. The grass we use is extremely realistic and difficult to tell apart from the real thing. Many of our grass options also have different colours running through them to achieve the look of real grass.
Many people think replacing real grass with artificial is bad for the environment, however that isn’t the case. There are many reasons why it’s actually a more environmentally friendly option. The benefits include zero harmful emissions, as the grass doesn’t grow and therefore doesn’t need to be mowed. It saves on water as it doesn’t need watering (unless you are cleaning it). Also, you won’t need to fertilise it or use chemical treatments, which can be a major source of pollution. Artificial grass lasts a long time providing it’s installed correctly, so from a sustainability perspective it produces less waste.
Artificial grass is a great choice for pet owners. The main benefit is less mess, and mud coming into the house, but it also means you can retain the look of a perfectly manicured lawn even with a dog who likes to dig! See ‘How do you clean it?’ FAQ for information on how to clean dog urination and faeces.
You can remove stains and debris from your lawn with a garden hose. You can also use a leaf blower or a brush to remove leaves and other debris. Artificial grass is permeable so any dog urine will drain through and faeces can be removed and hosed down. Many general cleaning products can also be used to disinfect the area and eliminate any odours.
We always carry out thorough surface preparation before laying the grass to minimise the chance of weeds growing through. We also lay a weed membrane on all of our installations as standard, to protect from particularly invasive weeds.