Totem has changed its name!

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Over the years, Totem has grown beyond our expectations, and we’re very excited about where the company is headed. We started out offering property and landscaping services across Newbury, Thatcham and the surrounding area. This suited our skillset well with James being a skilled carpenter and Ben having experience in landscaping and artificial grass installation. 

The COVID pandemic has made many companies think about their business model and how they need to adapt to achieve stability in an uncertain economic environment. 

That’s why, at Totem, we have made the decision to specialise in landscaping and focus our attention on that part of the business. We see this as our biggest growth area, and even before the pandemic hit, it was contributing to 85% of our work. More recently we have seen a significant increase in requests for garden services and we feel by choosing to specialise in this area we can provide a better quality of service to our customers and offer a wider range of landscaping services. 

Not only that, but when given time to reflect over lockdown, we realised that landscaping is what we enjoy most and where our real passion lies. In light of this decision we felt it was appropriate to update our name from Totem Property Services to Totem Landscaping to give potential customers a better indication of what we do! 

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year and we are extremely grateful to still be here in 2021 doing what we love. We are very much looking forward to the next chapter, and continuing to give our customers the quality of service they have learnt to expect from Totem. 


Ben & James